American Tin Trade Association

American Tin Trade Association


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April 21st 2016 Water Club  - East River at 30th Street New York, NY 10016 Ph (212) 683-3333

Peter Kettle 

Peter Kettle-Guest Speaker

Manager, Markets – ITRI Ltd


Peter Kettle joined ITRI in January 2007 to set up a new unit to produce regular reports on tin supply and demand as well as special studies on key issues such as changing end-use patterns, reserves, recycling and production costs.


Peter was previously at CRU, where he was responsible for management of the copper and tin research team and the website. He established CRU’s regular analysis of the tin industry in 1980 and is a well known speaker at international metals conferences.


He has also worked in soft commodities for Man and Gill & Duffus, the International Lead and Zinc Study Group and the UK motor industry trade association. He has a Masters degree in economics from the University of Wales.

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The American Tin Trade Association was formed in 1928 and since that time has grown into a well respected institution. Meeting twice a year, the ATTA's primary purpose as defined by its charter, is to "promote the best interests of those persons engaged in the production, distribution, transportation, consumption, purchase and sale of pig tin". The association also serves as an active forum through which pertinent issues of the tin trade are discussed.

Achieving these goals over the years has been made easier by the successful use and promotion of the American Tin Trade Association's tin contract, a set of terms and conditions that governs the bulk of the tin business that is conducted in the United States.

Future Goals

As the American Tin Trade Association looks ahead to the future, it will undoubtedly draw upon the same ingredients that have nurtured its success thus far, namely, the versatility, vitality and free flow of ideas that emanates from its membership.

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